Add borders and frames to your photos


  • Add frames, borders, shadows and watermarks, all in one
  • Can work with many photos simultaneously
  • Instant photo preview


  • Poor frame selection
  • Batch mode is not properly documented

Very good

Framefun is probably one of the easiest and quickest ways to spice up your photos, simply by adding some basic frames and borders.

You should be aware that this tool is not a full featured graphic editor, but just a simple app to add frames, borders, shadow effects and watermarks to your images. You can work both with single images one by one or in batches, and preview the final result at all times in the program's interface.

There isn't a wide selection of frames in Framefun. In fact, the only frame available is a plain line with customizable width and color. But the combination of this frame together with a border and a shadow effect can achieve really good results. The program can also add watermarks to your images, either in text format or as a small graphic.

I specially liked the possibility of using FrameFun in batch mode. It takes a while to understand the way it works because it's not very well implemented and poorly documented, but once you get the idea, it really saves you loads of time.

Though it doesn't include many frames to choose from and its batch mode could be improved, FrameFun is still a great tool to add frames, borders and shadow effects to your photos in a snap.

Fixed crash-on-exit after clipboard use Shadow greyness/opacity instead of (misleading) colour dialog for shadow.


  • Fixed crash-on-exit after clipboard use Shadow greyness/opacity instead of (misleading) colour dialog for shadow.

FrameFun is a simple application to add frames to Bitmap, JPEG or PNG images. You may select an outer frame, a border around the image and a drop shadow for a 3D effect.

You can modify the color and width of each Frame, Border and Shadow. You may additionally modify the direction of the drop shadow. A Batch Conversion option allows you to "frame" several pictures in one go. If the pictures have different sizes, you can select a relative Frame/Border/Shadow width.




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